Monday, October 06, 2008

The garden shed

I have finally resorted to using the camera which I dont think does such a good job as the scanner but as I am still without the scanner I was feeling I really needed to put something up.
I think it looks better this size, if you enlarge it you will see all the dreadful things I did to it!!
This probably looks a bit dotty but that is the way I see the geraniums and succulents that are surrounding the garden shed, not to mention the trees which are now all coming out into leaf.
A very busy time since I got back from Geelong, a new baby great grand son, visitors, my birthday, heavens how did I get so old!!
Lots of birthday celebrations although the big seven o is next year. Actually I think the birthday celebrations got mixed up with the baby as well.
I have had very little time to paint or sketch and when I have I am afraid I have been feeling a bit tired but today I did actually manage to get some sort of paint onto paper.
Thank you to all who sent congratulations on both the baby and my birthday, it is lovely to think that people sometimes do read my blog.


Keith said...

Happy births-days. Take care. Best wishes for this year.

Anonymous said...

tony f said...

Belated birthday wishes Penny and hearty congratulations on your new born great grandson!