Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mitcham street scene

Yesterday we were in Adelaide for my mothers Birthday, but as we were a little early we sat under a shady tree in the car and I sketched the houses up from us.
Not a terribly good sketch but at least I did manage to do something.
time for sketching has been pretty minimal for a while.
I think my mother had a lovely day, she was 96, what an age! We had a both her nephew and niece and their partners along too, and she hadnt seen them for a while, of course whether she remembers who they are is a moot point but it didnt seem to matter.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Penny, I love your sketch.. beautiful and loose and free..

A belated Happy Birthday to your mom...

Annie said...

As Gwen says, beautiful, loose and free. And also a Happy Birthday to your mother. A lot to celebrate making it to 96.

lyn said...

Nice loose style