Friday, October 24, 2008

Play with spray paints

I rather like this and it was fun. I am not sure if it quite belongs in this blog but here it is.
I have some wonderful new spray paints called shimmering mists or some such name and I was using them to spray some textiles/mixed media stuff and this was the base of what I was spraying. It looks absolutely luscious.
I have been doing a small sketch a day to go in my sketchbook spread but that is about all I have time for as suddenly the weather is hot, that means trying to keep the garden alive, and there are a heap of birthdays which means presents etc, and then Christmas is coming and I usually make presents for that and at the moment I am absolutely stuck for ideas.


Keith said...

I think this is cool.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

This is a useful technique when you make a painting that needs hard edges - e.g. buildings, fences, boxes as you can get a really straight edge. Good experiment with stencilling (if that's what it is!)

Annie said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Penny.
I am so glad to see it and now need to find some of this shimmering spray so I can give it a try.

Gail P said...

Not another thing to buy?! Just when I think I have about every product I need someone creates something that is exciting! This is exciting!