Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arrived in the post

I was lucky enough to win a give away on Lisa's blog she lives in New Zealand and her blog is called ***Lucky Dip*** (I cant get the connection to work sorry) and here it is, a lovely little collage, a hand made envelope and a book cover and page as well as the leaf.
I was so pleased with it.
I havent time for a proper blog tonight, so much to do but the packing is more or less done and the house is clean for the house sitter to come to, washing and most of the ironing done, the cat at the cattery and I hope not much more to do as we will be up at about 5 am tomorrow. A long day ahead as we dont actually get to the Gold Coast until 5.30pm.
I think I will fall in a heap and do very little for a few days.
My new book by Basho arrived today, called Of Love and Barley, I have to say i should have got it second hand as it cost me a bomb but here is a Haiku from it.
Drenched bush-clover
both beautiful.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Thanks Penny for doing such a lovely post about the things I sent you. I am having trouble with the link thing at the moment too!
I am pleased you're happy and hope your trip away will be well worth the work and early start!

Wanda said...

What a nice gift, Penny...almost like a going away present. Have a safe trip, rest up and enjoy yourself!