Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gold Coast Beaches

It is very interesting to see surf beaches with High rise all along the strip.
Not that we have been swimming, only walking as the south easters have churned the sea into something that resembles a washing machine, so walks and back to the pool.
I used to love to body surf but the aged body now complains when I get dumped or even when I dont so I sit and watch, or walk.
We went out to the casino last night for dinner and a show, this is a new one called Mother Africa, a sort of African circus with singing and drumming and dancing as well as contortionists (unbelievable!) strong men and acrobats. A lot of fun.
Not a lot to report on but we are relaxing well.
Caroline asked what the tree was, I think you meant the one in the center, it is a leopard wood, we planted it for J several yeards ago and it is doing well.
I am catching up slowly on blogs, this little notebook is great but not so easy to use the key board! Back to two fingers.
Check my other blog as well to see what we have been doing.
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ArtPropelled said...

Charming watercolour, Penny.