Sunday, April 18, 2010

Across the road

I am not used to being in suburbia.
I sketched this from ourbedroom window, roof tops and trees and a car. None of which are terribly good but are a reminder of where we are. The big spreading tree is a poinciana.
We have had a swim, lunch and been to the markets where all we bought was a cofee. It never fails to amaze me that people come and I suppose buy such tat, all imported and more expensive than I could buy at the sales down town.
Off to play tennis soon, well those who pay tennis will do so, my knee and eye dont let me do that any more.
An interesting lunch with a very with it friend who is 97, sharp as a tack is that mind, but even she feels that she is not quite sure why she is still alive, since having to give up playing golf as the body is getting frailer she sees her life as rather boring, but came with us the other night to the
African thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Still swimming and enjoyed her time in the pool.
Some one to look up to.
I have been interested to see some of my blogger friends wondering what the world would be like if planes did not fly, after the shut down due to the Icelandic volcano, would we go back to a better and slower life? I wonder. All I know is that I am glad I was not travelling at this time and feel sorry for those who are.
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PamelaB said...

I love your sketches they are so full of life and atmosphere. I empathise with your older friend, at least I can paint sitting down and am not so aware of my aches and pains.

Carol said...

I saw your link on DaD and had to visit. So impressed that you are keeping up two blogs - I am a total failure with mine over the past couple of months but maybe you'll inspire me today to say a few words. Love your sketches and photos - and that superb fish you bought at Bribie Is.(I think?). I'm fish obsessed at the moment (which in itself must be a bit whacky) and that's all I ever draw. Must send some to Adele. I'll be following you to see more of your interesting work.