Friday, April 23, 2010

Twin Waters sketches

I sat outside in the afternoon yesterday and this Brush Turkey came and scratched in the garden ay my feet, actually it was harder to do than I thought as it was so close.
They are every where and are not in the least bit frightened.
I also did the small watercolor of the garden, I love these bright tropical gardens, I imported a few plants from around as there wasnt as much color where I was sitting.
we had a good dinner last night and had an hour long walk on the beach this morning before packing up.
A trip intp Noosa for J to buy some fiendishly expensive jeans and then headed south. arriving back at about 2, unpacked and fell on thebed!
Out for dinner again tonight with our 97 year old friend as hostess, she always knows the best places to go!
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Wanda said...

The path in your sketch is very lovely and inviting, Penny.

Joy said...

I really like the simplicity of the turkey sketch and the calm colors. Must take a look around a bit here.