Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Owl

Christmas Eve, we have just come back from joining friends in a drink, walked the beach quietly home had enough to eat so no more except perhaps the odd bit of naughty stuff, and I have just put Love Actually on as a dvd. What better way for Christmas Eve.
May all my readers, friends, because that is what you are, from all over the world, have a lovely night and day, even if you dont believe, or come from different faiths from all over the world, or even those who like me dont really believe, I think you will find we all believe in something, and that mankind needs to believe in something, and in each other, or what is the point in being here?
I am waffling, probably too much champagne ( no here we have to call it bubbly!)
Love to you all.


annie said...

I agree, Penny, and wave to you and John and your winsome owl, here, and wish you Merry Christmas and to your other friends, a happy holiday according to each faith. Thanks for you great drawings and wonderful photos.

Rachel said...

Happy Christmas from a cold and frozen East Anglia. This afternoon we had a wonderful walk (in shoes) across the frozen fields and watched the deer running in front of us.

I love all your drawings and next year I hope to keep up a my "drawing a day" and fill my sketch book.

Cathy said...

Enjoying your sketches Penny. I hope you have been enjoying a lovely Christmas down under. We are cold and icy here in the UK but that is set to change to 9C soon. I hope they are right. Everyone is a bit tired of the snow now. Anyway, will be with you again in 2011.

Cathy x