Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The cover for The sketchbook project and the Sellicks Hills

I finally decided that I could glue this map of our area onto the rather flimsy cover of my sketchbook project book. It was from a local tourism mag and was quite heavy paper and as I have to cut out the bit on the back I hope this will work. I would have liked the stick on bit on the back higher up as it was a bit awkward to manage.
Coming home from Adelaide yesterday I took a photo of the Sellicks Hills, I love their shapes but unfortunately people are growing trees all over them and soon you will not be able to see the lovely typical curves I have known all my life.
The colours are not as strong as I have painted them.
A quick sketch but fun to do.
I have been baking all day and my knee is a bit swollen and uncomfortable so I have had to put it up every so often.
Time is running out before we go away, and I have lots to do and things to organise for the house sitter.


Lins Artyblobs said...

great idea for the cover

Cathy said...

Finished your sketchbook already? Oh dear I am so behind. I am concentrating on doing several drawings a day now though. Not long before posting day. I like what you have done for the cover. I might leave mine brown and just paint watercolour stripes and some little drawing on the front cover. I think they are going to get a bit of a bashing when they go on show. I couldn't cope with the flimsy pages so I changed all mine to good quality paper and rebound it. It also reduced the number of pages which was good. Anyway, off to get on with it now.