Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Christmas card

When John saw this he said he often wondered what went on in my head that I produce things like this!
It hasnt scanned as well as I would like but then pencil never does.
It was a fun thing to do when I was feeling tired and my knee was aching.
Today the power has been off for a lot of the day, and I have only just put the bread on and hope the power stays on. I think there is a problem down in the dairy, so they have by passed that and we have power here.
It has been a terrible day, a few showers but high winds all day, so I have sat where I could find light and done some sewing and glued on pin backs to my beetles. I dont really like glue but it is easier in this instance.
I am being terribly slow at the moment but I do think I have managed to work out some of the Christmas presents and there are only a few more to do.
The little prem foal we have seems to still be ok, it has been touch and go for a while but when I went down this morning she looked very cute in a jumper to keep her warm. Another couple of days and then with any luck she will be out of the woods.


jyothisethu said...

nice picture...
and interesting to read...

izzy said...

Nice! any pictures of that foal?!
there is nothing more wonderful than
baby critters- Thanks

Wanda..... said...

Love the fancy chooks on the Christmas card, Penny. Hope the foal continues to improve and you must be feeling better yourself!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

And a happy Christmas to you Penny and your family. I haven't even sent cards yet - too much going on. Now a family of seven from Sydney are suggesting they come down. Heaven's above. I want it small and simple. Seven people will be quite enough.