Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick sketch at Cape Jervis

I did this while waiting for the ferry to leave for Kangaroo Island yesterday, we were in for a very rough crossing and it was cold and damp as well.
this is the shore line I could see from my possie on the top deck, not much of a place to be as I was relatively exposed but better than any where else outside.
I get sea sick!
We had a flat out day yesterday as the house wasnt ready until after 1.30 and we arrived at 10. We did some shopping, visited friends and then took ages to get everything sorted into the house.
I was so tired.
Today John has tried to get the 2 (!!) computers he brought with him to talk and then to do some cleaning up and down loading, the down loads didnt work so he wasnt much fun but we did manage two walks, the last on the beach, lovely.
We are eating far too much, probably drinking too much, but this is a holiday.
Hope to have time for a painting tomorrow, but dont hold your breath, it maybe another sketch!
See my other blog for photos.
Hope those in the northern hemisphere are coping with the snowfalls, we are not much better but Christmas day is forecast to be in the 30's so a lot hotter than today ( I didnt bring enough clothes for cold weather!).
Back to relaxing, the bubbly is helping.

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