Friday, February 11, 2011


The sketchbook Challenge for this month is Contrast. I have had a lot to do lately so havent really got into this one but here is my 'contrast doodle' which just emerged as I was waiting for John to come home last night. I rather like doing these, they dont have to be perfect, and there is a design within a design.
I have the week end off from child minding, thank heaven, it was terribly hot and humid last night so I didnt sleep terribly well, and then at one stage I found a cricket in my bed! It was tossed out and I cant find it this morning. My hip has not been comfortable in bed and I toss and turn and worry about waking poor John who on top of 8 hour meetings and long drives has a low grade sinus infection so is on antibiotics.
I now have my new computer, well it is a laptop and is much faster than my last one, but I am still using the old seperate keyboard and screen as I like that set up better. So much more to learn on this one.
The shopping is done and put away and I think I will have a half hour granny nap, probably more like a read as I hate sleeping during the day.
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Julia said...

Hi Penny,
Yes, and we'd love to have you at the workshop, sorry you will be away....xx..julia

The Weaver of Grass said...

I hate sleeping during the day too Penny - but sometimes one just drops off.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I think it's a magpie seen through the eyes of someone on strong medication. Only joking Penny!
When I have an afternoon rest I actually listen to the ABC radio - lots of good programs, but get woken up by the martial music that announces the news on the hour.