Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Using pencil

From my sketchbook using an unfamiliar substance, 2b pencil. I normally sketch with a pen and dont like using pencil as it is something I dont use very often.
Silly, so many people only use pencil as with a pen they cant rub out. I like the fact that when I use a pen I cant rub out.
My lines are a bit wonky here, but this a composite of a few things I could see while sitting in my chair watching tv.
It has finally cooled down after two horrendously hot days.
Now poor North Queensland is having to cope with one of the largest cyclones for ages bearing down upon it. I think when Tracy hit Darwin we didnt have the vivid images in lurid colour of what it looks like as we do now. I think it makes it look all the more frightening and I hope all who live in that area and who will be affected will be safe.
I think it will even affect our weather eventually, although of course you never know with cyclones, they are very unpredictable things.
Now it has cooled down a bit here it makes you sleepy, but things still have to be done so the hoses are on as the garden is terribly thirsty, my deep sand is not terribly good for the garden but at least we have our own water, from so far, nice and full dams to water it with.
Adelaide was very hot this morning when we were up there, it is so nice to come home and find cool breezes as the house had warmed up and the air conditioner doesnt work well over 38degrees C and we were over 42 for two days.


Sally Westcott said...

Hi Penny! I love your 2B pencil! I'm not game - 4B and an eraser for me!

I'm watching Queensland with a very sad heart. And a shed full of love and hope!

I did see the washup of Tracy in full glorious colour! I was in WA and one of our friends knew the manager of Channel 9 in Perth. We went to his house and watched (in horror) the experiemental colour footage coming out of Darwin!

I still have pictures in my head that I will never forget!

2 weeks later I watched in abject horror the images of the Tasman Bridge in Hobart cut in half, knowing that my little sister had been on the bridge as it was hit!

An amazing time in Australian history.

Hugz and always stay safe!

Wanda..... said...

Cyclone Yasi has me concerned this morning too. I have a friend that lives on Sunshine Beach, there in Queensland.
Glad you are having cooler weather, we are in the midst of an ice storm here.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Poor Australia - and Queensland in particular - seems to be having such terrible troubles - we do feel for you all over there.

Julie said...

I used to do some pencil stuff, but I too, hate the way it rubs around and smears! I love your pen sketches...they are so fresh and from the heart!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Pencils are lovely to use, especially the soft ones like 4B 5B 6B. YOu can clean up smudges with a rubber anyway.
Hey, the Cyclone Yasi sounds awesome and the biggest I've ever heard about. Queensland is certainly having a terrible time.