Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am doing Ailsa Burke's sketchbook on line class and one of the exercises is to find as many types of sketching tools you have and try them out, see if they are waterproof or not and how they all react using the same sample , in my case a flower with a leaf.
I found it very interesting, and also found I had far more "stuff" in the way of pencils and watercolours than I thought. Not much in the way of sharpies and other pens of that type.
I do prefer a waterproof pen, aqua pencils and watercolor but am finding black and white pencils rather lovely as well.
I have a lot of odds and ends from my childrens school days, some of the pencils etc are very old and really rather nice to use. I loved the Derwen Cumberland ones, soft and buttery, not like some of the more modern ones I have. Some of these have my eldest sons name on them and he turned 50 today (Happy Birthday Simon) so they would have to be at least 40 to 45 years old.
Busy with small great grandson Mason as you can see if you go to my other blog (on the side bar) he is gorgeous, so not feeling like doing much.
Some one asked how I did so much or perhaps it was why, perhaps at my slightly advanced age I now worry that there is not a huge amount of time left and I want to do a hell of a lot more!
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kat said...

This just looks like such fun! Now I'm back at work I keep thinking I've not got enough time for ..... but then perhaps there's never enough time, and so much better to be wanting to do more things than you have time for, than not to want to do anything. it's the journeying that counts.

Sally Westcott said...

Hi Penny,

I love what you are doing! I've discovered I had more than I thought too! I found my daughter school crayons and Have started to play with them. they would be 20 years old! I be very special!

I'm trying to cram in as much art and life that I can! Today I realised that I am the staff "Elder" in the Science Faculty at school! ouch!