Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mundoo Channel

I painted this with a hake (large brush) after John and I went down to see the River Murray at Mundoo on Sunday. I was really quite pleased with it and may do more in this style.
We had a lovely lunch yesterday and probably too much bubbly but it was a good day to celebrate.
I am finding my 2 year old great grandson rather tiring to look after, I am up early to go and collect him and his mother and then entertain him for 2 hours, thank heaven it is no longer.
Then the rather hair raising (not really!) experience of driving with my L plated grand daughter, she has been very slow at getting her driving licence now her partner is working in the mines in Western Australia she certainly needs it so I am the one who is driving with her at the moment. She is actually rather good.
I think the suddenly cool weather after the heat is also getting at me, also I am trying to do far too much at the moment which is pretty typical, I have this awful feeling that the days are rolling by rather fast and I want to get so much in before I am history!
Silly and sad but true.
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Julie said...

Love this painting too!!! You sure are busy! I say it keeps you young...nice to be with family even if it is tiring.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Great that you still find time to paint. I haven't the energy at present, sneezing all day with something in the air. Now my daughter-in-law has gone up to Sydney for a week to look after a relative who is undergoing surgery, and I am back to being chief cook again for a household of seven - I think. Burnt rice again!

annie said...

That is a beautiful painting, Penny. I have yet to get brave enough to try a hake.


Kelly said...

...I really like this painting, especially all the green. It has such a good feel to it.

(...you cracked me up with your comments about your grandkids...funny.)