Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I havent had a lot of time to do anything lately, but here are a few hasty sketches. Mason has a spotted rabbit who is called Racket, Mason couldnt say rabbit! so Racket he has become. He has been feeling the heat a bit.
The other night there was a very interesting bit on 'Coast' about the herring boats off the east coast of Scotland, lovely large sails and a very broad beam, these were my not at all good efforts at sketching them.
Then today I felt I needed to do a bit more sketching and sat in my workroom and did these fuchsia flowers that I can see from the window, they are small and very elongated, a much more primitive, but also hardier type than the big blowsy ones you can get in the shops.
I am supposed to be doing two sketching things, one an on line course with Alisa Burke and one the sketchbook Challenge so I should get on with doing something.
Mason and I have been sort of entertaining each other, although I really do find that 10 years makes a difference in how much I can do with him, I feel a bit of a failure, after all I used to have Celina for a day or so a week and this is only two hours, but then small boys were always more difficult to entertain than girls! Also a 2 year olds attention scan is not terribly big, he flits from one thing to another and never the same thing each day.
It is also heating up with threats of rain and thunderstorms for the rest of the week, it will be interesting to see what we get, there is another cyclone forming off Western Australia and that usually means rain for us, there is still a lot of summer to come.
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annie said...

Love the sketch of Racket, Penny. Everything about small persons is such fun. Just when we think that they cannot get more interesting, another fun thing happens.Trouble is, no matter how much we concentrate on them and enjoy them, the years go much too quickly.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Not more cyclones Penny - I do feel for you all.

I really ought to take a leaf out of your book and keep sketching - I am sure that a sketch a day would make me improve.