Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beach combing

We had a simply lovely walk this morning, see here and although this was with my boots it is not exactly with my sketchbook but I came home with a few odds and ends and bound them together with a flax leaf and hung it by the back door until it falls off.
I had seen the ones I think it was Gwen Hedley had done for Ally Pally and decided to see what I could find.
Not a huge amount actually as we have had some quite high tides which had swept the beach clean of sand and debris.
Just finished watching the dvd of The girl with the dragon Tattoo, not an exactly nice film but then the book wasnt either but was incredibly well done, sub titles or not.
I am finding that some blogs are coming up with strange photos etc instead of the usual header ande blog, which I dont like, I think this is on newer blogs.
I didnt like on mine the feature for slide show and found that if I went into settings and format there was a place for me to say I didnt want it. If you go to blogger buzz it explains it under some weird name. I do wish they wouldnt change things without asking. Under the old system I could enlarge the photos and I couldnt work out how to do this on the slide show. Any way the old format looks much cleaner.
Just my two cents worth.
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The Weaver of Grass said...

I do agree - I don't like anything to change on my blog unless I request it to change.

Rachel said...

I tried the new format but it stopped me doing things I like to do although some of my followers liked the presentation. However, I am back to the old way. I wish blogger would not make such drastic changes; it is nice to have new layouts but it is not so nice to not be able to do things we are used to doing.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I have found Blogger very difficult to use lately and frustrating too..
... But I really like your cluster of found objects from your walk.. I am always bring home these sorts of things from the beach.. I don't know why or for what use.. I just like them...