Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bowl of Guelder roses

Not a terribly good little sketch, the scanner doesnt really like pale colours and I was trying to give the impression of the green young heads and the white older ones and it didnt quite work. I lalso had the euphorbia flowers in there which is the yellow at the top.
I was in Adelaide for most of the day yesterday, visiting my sister who gave me my birthday present, some beautiful 'hare's with amber eyes' netsuke, I am one lucky girl. She has a few health worries and is clearing things out, I think all will be well but another small worry.
I also had a lovely non alcoholic lunch with two others in a friends garden a lovely Adelaide day in Spring to sit outside and chat.
Of course driving up and back makes me tired so although a lot has been done I feel a little flat today.
Warmer than it has been for a few weeks and it is amazing how stuff in the garden suddenly wilts when it goes up a few degrees. Having a garden on deep sand doesnt help but it always takes time for it to get its act together when it has been cool and damp and then suddenly sunny and the sun has quite a bite to it. I did manage a bit of weeding and to get the petunias planted.
I feel terribly virtuous!!
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MorningAJ said...

I love how you keep things simple in your work. I always overdo paintings.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I always think that is the down side of spending an enjoyable day with friends - the next day is always so flat.