Monday, October 24, 2011

Watercolor and Inktense pencils

I needed to throw a bit of colour around, so this is the result, a bit of pencil wandering, some water color on top, then another bit of drawing and finished off with the pencils. I love the intensity of color that they give.
I havent done much in the way of sketch or paint for a few days, it has been damp and hot, then cold, still damp, everything is dripping and the garden is growing and looking like a jungle.
We went to a combined friends 70th Birthday celebration yesterday, new and old friends and it was lovely, relaxing and the food was good.
Over the week end our Rivington Welsh Pony Stud did very well with some we own and many we have sold doing very well in three states. Not only that but in all the sections of the stud book as well and not just led either but in dressage and ridden, leading rein and Show hunter.
It is so lovely when something like that happens and their owners all let you know, one of the good things about facebook.
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Notjustnat said...

Gorgeous Penny, I admired anyone who can paint and draw. I love the colour. Similar to one of the bojagi on my post - Hope you are keeping well - Hugs Nat