Friday, October 28, 2011

Home from Tiddy Widdy

What a name! It is a small holiday/retirement area south of Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsular. A bit over three hours drive from here. The biggest hassle is going through Adelaide from one side to the other. I had an easy run through leaving around 9.30 and getting home a bit before 1. Hot and sticky so thank goodness for the airconditioner.
I had an hours walk on the beach and saw the early fisherman coming home on a glassy sea and this wonderful red cliffs with the Ardrossan silos further on. I may try to paint these later but didnt have time or my paints and the flies even so early (7am) were fearsom.
I had a lovely few days, walked every day, op shopped, made little fabric birds and flowers and generally played, ate well, stayed up late and had fun.
I think the best was standing on the veranda or sitting inside and having the sea constantly in front of you.
Some wonderful sunsets too, I didnt have a lot of time to sketch, but I did manage these two, there were wonderful roses in the garden and the great aloe had flowered and was just to the left of the house.
So lots of photos which I may translate into paint or sketdch.

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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Tiddy Widdy? Sounds like an old lady calling her cat! But it looks a lovely area - look forward to more artwork.

Notjustnat said...

It sounds so romantic Tiddy Widdy! I am glad you had a lovely time. That what you calls a holiday. Lovely paintings Penny. You are so talented - Hugs Nat

Suztats said...

Great pics, Penny. Glad you had a pleasant and fun time.

Carla said...

HI Penny, I love your paintings.. beautiful poetic.. What about that name. Only in Australia... Carla xxx