Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little elephants

I want to do some playing with elephant shapes for embroideries and so sat looking at a wonderful bag my sister gave me for my Birthday which ahd elephants on it, and then fiddled around with some more stylised shapes that might translate a bit more easily.
I quite like the one on the top at the right and think he might be easy to cut out as a shape and use.
I seem to have come to a bit of a stop at the moment, it has been pretty damp and windy and not exactly going out weather, although I did go to the market this morning and got wet, I have painted some more pages for my fabric book but they are not finished and are drying.
We were out for dinner last night and so perhaps I am more tired than I thought.
A lovely dinner, go see my moon photos here.
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annie said...

Your elephants are always charming, Penny.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh, I like these!

MorningAJ said...


Aussie Jo said...

I especially like that little elephant top right. Lovely stylized shape but very expressive.

Julie said...

I really like the top right guy too!!!

Kelly said...

...these little elephants are fun!! I love the top-right elephant.