Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Having fun with cheap pens

Another fun scribble with some very cheap coloured pens I bought. Alisa Burke had done something similar on her blog and I wondered how I would go doing this. It is fun, bright and calming to play with.
I need a few bright colours at the moment, it has suddenly got quite cold and grey and overcast. Not a lot of rain for us unfortunately up north it has been flooding, down here we need more.
I am slowly doing a few household tasks (boring but necessary, dishes, washing, bed making, floor sweeping!) but in the middle of it my computer screen wouldnt work so I spent time fiddling with that and also the colour on the screen has gone very pale so I had to get John to try and fix that.
In the midst of this I cant find a book I want to work on and I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps I have too much 'stuff'!.
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shirley said...

No Penny, why would you think you had too much stuff. I managed to offload some to a friend who came to visit smocking pleater and some nice fine lawns and silks that she might be able to use. She is going to sell my pleater for me through the smocking group....So I have less stuff than I did 2 days how come my cupboards still look full.

shirley said...
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shirley said...

Your pretty sketch is lovely and bright. I would look good on a card. I always like seeing your work. Hope you get some good results from the new doctor with your foot.