Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A bit of catch up

There will be more of these but 2 a day is about my limit.
We are now home and I have packed a lot into the last few days, unpacking and washing and tidying up and today a round trip to the hairdresser, 8 ish start and home a bit after 12.30 having collected the papers and the mail and some groceries I forgot yesterday. Not enough hours in the day.
I really loved the red stemmed palms in E's garden, this is not a very good sketch but we seemed to be on the go all the time.
I did the crocodile on the way home in the plane, had to do something during a 3 1/2 hour flight.
I am trying to catch up on all the emails etc from while we were away.
really I would just like to sit and think!
It was a fabulous trip, so much to see and do and we packed in an awful lot.
Yes it was hot and towards the end humid but we coped, we ate at lovely places, we stayed in a glorious house with the best hosts, we were shown stuff we may not have found by ourselves. I bought lots of lovely baskets made by the local aborigines, saw rock paintings, lots of different birds, crocodiles came back with books and paintings and so much paper stuff it will take me ages to catalogue it and made some great stuff in the workshop I went to.
Whew, and of couse life is getting hectic here at home too. I will be posting on both my blogs so go here  to see what else I have been dloing.
Off to get some more 'stuff' done.
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Jo Murray said...

I love lipstick palms too,,, they are so exotic. Sounds like you've been very busy. and inspired.