Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Another face

I have been having trouble loading photos to blogger from Picasa so I am back to loading from my pictures and not enjoying it, as what ever I have done in picasa doesnt translate through, plus I seem to be able to only upload one photo at a time. Frustrating and not making one feel much like blogging. Here I will vent a little, no one seems to do anything about these problems, or even let you know if they are when it has been going on for a while and there have been complaints put up on various forums. I dont think the bright young things who are so busy changing how things work look at problems. Off my soap box. On the whole I like blogger and dont want to change but sometimes I do wonder. Is it me? No it cant be, there are other complains about the same issues. I have now come down with hay fever, the joys of spring! Especially a strong north wind which is drying out the paddocks and sending pollen from everything that is flowering at one when one walks. I always forget I get it until John reminds me, so I have added another pill to the list I am taking and hope I dont come out in purple spots or fall over in a dead faint! There are lots of things wrong with this little sketch but some how she still pleases me, too sharp a chin, too big a lower lip etc etc, but not much sketching or painting has been done lately so I felt I had to put something up.We are off to Darwin for 2 weeks next week, so things to get together and organise for the house sitter, also the Royal Adelaide Show starts this week, daughter, grandchildren and ponies will be there from tomorrow, I hope to get up on Saturday,but I also have to be on deck to check any mares due to foal, some one always does unexpectedly so that will keep me on my hay fevered toes!


Julie said...

Hope you can get that hay fever under control, Penny! You sure stay busy! Love your pretty lady sketch!

Robin Mac said...

You have certainly a busy schedule before you go away. I agree with you about blogger, I don't know why they have to keep changing everything when it seemed to be working very well before! Enjoy your holiday - oh and by the way I like your sketch too. Cheers