Friday, September 28, 2012

From my sketchbook

 The top one was trying to get on paper my impression of the dry creek beds and sandhills we were flying over on our way to Darwin, done in the plane while the landscape below kept on changing. So I had to remember what I had first put down before I filled in the pieces. I would like to translate this into a painting. I will see how I go, my translations dont seem to look as nice as my sketches.
The second one were of the little things I saw around E and W's garden, the bells, hanging lanterns, water lilies, windchimes, water features and bird cages (they were for decorative purposes only, no birds in them.)
We have had 2 hot days, now we are back to cold and wind, with a little rain. Not a terribly pleasant day.
I do feel virtuous though as at least I have dusted and vacuumed, I would like to wash the floors but not in this weather, they will just get muddy.
I have to go into the surgery to have my annual (now I am over 70) drivers license check up, a pain as my usual GP is away, and I have to see another and have an ecg as well. I will be glad when it is over.
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Julie said...

Neat sketches, Penny! Once that check up is over, you can get back to FUN! Love your sketches! Can't wait to see the first one in a painting!

Jo Murray said...

Hi Penny... you do get around. Your sketchbook must be gorgeous. Hope all the checkups are over soon and you are given the all clear to forge ahead.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A driver's license checkup? One guy who drives three blocks to church on Sundays in now 100. My son says to keep out of HIS way! Your sketches are interesting and how do you do those meat tray prints?