Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing with birds

We are heading off to Darwin on Wednesday, but will be in Adelaide tomorrow as there is an early start.
I have been playing with these birds and having lots of fun, I was trying to get some colour on them but that hasnt happened. I love the madness of them, saw some on someones blog and went from there.
Trying to pack for a much warmer climate, as well as what I have to take for a class, leave things for the house sitter and hope I havent forgotten too much as we will drive straight to Kakadu and if I havent got it it wont happen!
Hope I can blog from there but if not I will be full of I hope photos and paintings and sketches to put up when we get back in just under a fortnight.
Oh and our pony did really well at Adelaide Royal Show, got a Champion no less! Not easy to do on a shoe string but Sarah is brilliant with her preperation and this year all went better than we hoped.
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the birds. Congratulations on the pony. Enjoy the break. Incidentally I rather like the birds left uncoloured - you can concentrate more on the patterns.

Jo Murray said...

Those birds are just so much fun Penny. Have a wonderful, and safe, trip. Congrats on your pony's success.

Julie said...

I want to embroider that top bird, and send it to you when I do! Lovely birds!!!!!