Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Black and white

 We are home from Queensland, from the wet to the dry, hot and horrid.
We walked for a little while on the beach this morning, I have walked max around the farm since we got home and had to go and turn on hoses in my very dry and parched garden. Only some of it gets watered and other bits are looking terribly sad. We are heading for almost 40 decrees early next week, and this is supposed to be autumn.
With daylight saving still in place it is dark early in the morning and then the heat goes on until so late and this wont finish until the end of the first week in April.
We certainly noticed the difference up north where there is no daylight saving.
so a black and white sketch of long shadows and gum leaves. Actually I rather like its stark simplicity.
 I am still trying to get a bit of sketching done but with the way the weather is there is not a lot of motivation and not sure why but my joints once more dont like me so I am crawling around like an old woman, which I suppose I am but I dont want to be.
Not helped by traumas on the farm, who in their right mind would be a dairy farmer? but if we cant survive there will be no fresh milk in Australia, and if there is it will either be trucked long distances or from overseas and who would want to drink milk from China.
It has been proved over and over again that pure fresh milk, not low fat is the best for you but no one listenes and now I see there is something called almond milk, no doubt with heaps of added calcium as there is in so called soy milk.
Sorry about the rant.
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Julie said...

I drink cows milk...hate soy and almond milk. I think it might be more rare to drink things other than cows milk. ??????? Don't really know, but I know I like the real thing!!! Hang tight! You are doing a wonderful thing!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You're right about milk and farming at present. It's so unfair. And I looked at the label of a drink the other day - orange juice from USA, other fruits from elsewhere. What's happened to the Murray Valley blocks? The black and white sketch is good.
The heat's getting to me too - over a week of it now.