Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 Playing with faces in my sketchbook last night, I think I am starting to learn how to make a bit of a disaster look better.
I wasnt at all happy with the central face but played with it and it was marginally better.
I began in pencil and then used pen and inktense pencils.
I dont know where I am going with these but they fill in some time and do mean that I am sketching, something.
So much cooler today but a pretty warm night and I didnt sleep well, now all I want to do is sleep but there are things to be done.
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Wanda..... said...

Your face sketches were pleasing to view, Penny!

Julie said...

Penny! For some reason your posts are not always showing up (from this blog) to my bloglist. Your other blog does!!! I missed a lot! Love all the sketching you've been doing!!! I am currently in love with a picture my grandson did and I am planning to use it for my next embroidery pattern. I want to wait to show the pic until I can show the embroidery at the same time! It inspired me. Amazing when that happens! I usually feel like embroidering everything you sketch! It is always colorful, fun and whimsical, which I love.
xoxo- Julie