Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not my usual colours

 Once more I am playing in my sketchbook, and trying out letters again.
Not terribly well but it keeps me amused in this horrible weather.
 This has layers of colour with a final layer sprayed through a stencil, you cant see the glitter and shine of the lovely spray I used but I can.
It has been in the high 30 degrees C for days and very muggy as well.
Today it is very windy, very hot but not so humid and there is an out of control bushfire burning a few ks to the west of us, not close enough to be of any worry at the moment but we are due for a wind change, I am sure we are far enough away but fires are always a worry.
We were up early this morning and walked on the beach, it was surprisingly warm even at that early hour as out here we had thank goodness had a cool night and it was cooler at home than on the beach.
At least without the high humidity the air conditioner is working better.
I have stewed plums, made bread and a potato salad for dinner, and the house is reasonably clean,(the only way to get through hot weather is to work!) so I do feel that I can go and do a bit more playing, thinking of a small book but need to do some more work on backgrounds.
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