Sunday, January 10, 2016

Colour me Positive week 2 and a bird

My arthritic and rather shaky hands are meaning that today when I did my week 2 of the colour me Positive challenge I had to keep it simple. The prompt was Be Brave. I had fun doing this, I had already painted a background in acrylics, using up some paint I had left over, and so I then worked out what I wanted to say and sprayed over a star stencil and another I had. Drew up a figure and some star shapes and cut them from left over gelli plate papers, so useful to have on hand and after gluing them down wrote as well as I could my words. I suppose I could cut them out or use stencils or stamps but somehow I wanted to have the personal touch of my own fairly wonky writing. Wish I had done caligraphy when I was young. I am having a lot of fun with the gelli papers making birds too, painting the reeds, drawing seed heads. I dont know where or when this will stop but I love the different birds I am creating and as some one said, they will make wonderful cards. John has gone fishing today, and he rang to say he is on his way home with some fish, Hooray. Last night we went over to my youngest daughter and her husbands place for dinner and my lovely granddaughters partner had come with some fresh crayfish which we had on the bbq, absolutely delicious and I have 2 frozen cooked ones in the freezer for later. It wasnt a late night but lovely to sit outside and eat good food and I even had a glass of bubbles. today I have walked around the ponies, early when it was cooler and then mopped the house, I now have the air conditioner on as it went from a very pleasant low to mid twenties this morning and cloud to the sun out and mid thirties. Playing with paint and glue as well, slow but fun.

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