Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Challenge

I have joined a free on line group called Colour me Positive which will give a challenge each week of an art journaling prompt. I am not good at art journaling but thought it would at least make me try to do something every week. I found a smallish book with hand made papers in it that I have had for ages and have begun, I dont know if it will last a year, I may have to do two books. Our first prompt was Gratitude. I am not sure if you can read what I wrote, double click if you cant. I had fun with it but it is very like the suggested first post, I will try not to copy, others in this group have done marvellous things. It has finally cooled down, it is windy and quite cold, now all I want to do is sleep! I hope every one has a brilliant 2016.

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Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful spread, Penny! Have fun with your new group.

Hope that 2016 will bring you health, happiness, joy, peace and an endless stream of creativity! Happy New Year!