Wednesday, January 20, 2016

From my sketchbook

It is so hot I have done very little, a short walk in the morning, what house work has to be done and then try to find something to fill in the time. I have been watching the stages of the Tour Down Under on tv, glad they are riding in this heat and not me! So the sketchbook has been out and as the colour me positive challenge has been enthusing me I have been sketching and playing with real and imaginary things. Great fun. I really wish we would get a decent cool change preferably with a lot of gentle steady rain. It is amazing how at this time of the year, whe3n tempers are short, money is tight things begin to fall in a heap. We are making bread in the breadmaker with a shifting spanner on the bucket to hold it down, we have ordered a new one but that will be a week, water pumps are breaking down, leaks in pipes, under the concrete of course. I wonder what next.

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