Thursday, September 06, 2007

Creative head gear

Sorry I havent been blogging for a while but things were really busy here during the time I had classes and then having Patti Culea staying here, we chatted and went doing tourist things and had people for lunch and generally had a lovely time, but when it was all over I was so tired.
I am coming out of it today but household chores sort of get in the way.
This is the head gear we will be wearing to a friends 5oth birthday on Friday night, the stipulation being creative head gear. So the old viking helmet was resurrected from the shed and new paper glued on and painted, found the missing horn. My tiara was re wired with a bottle and a glass, I hope it stays on its pretty heavy. Photos of the actual things will be on my other blog.


Keith said...

Hope you guys have a good time at the party. I don't know how you couldn't have fun wearing hats like that. :)

Lin said...

Penny -- thanks so much for your kind remarks on my blog .. I think your sketching is coming along beautifully!!! LOVE THIS!!!! and the headgear!

Hope you are doing well. Last we exchanged notes you had some difficulties ... I hope they're all behind you and you're smiling and having a blast ...!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

So who wears the tiara and who wears the helmet - drink too much wine and swap over? Only kidding. Have a good time. We all need a party these days.
Peceli's plane tonight is delayed by four hours so we go up to Melbourne about 2 a.m.!