Saturday, September 29, 2007

transfer dyes

I know you will be wondering what on earth she has been doing.
Well today while Geelong totally thrashed Port Adelaide, I painted up some sheets of paper using transfer dyes that I hope I will have time to iron onto some fabric and see what comes out. Actually I was happy Geelong won and Port didnt even make a decent game of it.
I am not painting or drawing much at the moment, spring is here and there are too many things that need doing both inside and out so if I am a bit lax in the next few weeks dont worry I will be around and about, just not posting in this blog as much as in the back valley seasons one..

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Experimenting with dyes/paints/inks is great fun and you can achieve textures that can't be created any other way. A few years back I used to transfer a picture by rubbing from a newspaper or magazine after using oil or something. I can't make it work any more because I can't remember whether I used turps or what. Or else the inks are fixed more these days. It used to achieve a kind of ghostly mirror image.
And Geelong - wow, and even Fiji beat Wales in the rugby.