Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Windrows for silage

Today I was supposed to go to Adelaide but my nose decided that it was going to be uncomfortable so it has been put off, a 3 hour round trip when one isnt feeling 100% is not a good idea and the 5 stitches have bled again today (after I sneezed repeatedly). I hope to feel better tomorrow.
I did walk the dogs out late this afternoon and saw that they were beginning to put the silage into windrows and I was going to come home and paint it but John suggested we went out to look at the whole operation so I took the sketchbook with me and this is the result. I also took lots of photos.
Normally we make hay but with the seasons being so unpredictable lately we have been making silage and it goes into several large stacks with plastic over the top. Our son does the contracting and there are two tractors with windrowers on the back, two trucks, our son on the silage pick up machine and one fellow making the stack with a caterpillar tractor. Most impressive.
At least so far this year we have made more than last year.

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Alison said...

I hope this will help you through another long hot summer