Tuesday, September 11, 2007

While waiting for 5 stitches in my nose

This large pot with a tropical twiner in it was by the door where I had my "procedure" done! So while waiting I sketched it. I didnt feel like sketching anything after the anaesthetic was taking affect.
We are not having a good foaling season, one dead filly who didnt get out of the bag, a breach birth and they die so quickly when that happens. Not the best thing when I was not feeling brilliant this morning having not slept well. I think there are about 15 foals still to go.
The nose, well I dont like the fact that it seems to have changed shape, I do not like looking into my nostrils (one of my pet hates) but perhaps when some of the swelling goes that will too. Otherwise I will never look in a mirror again. It has bled and felt uncomfortable, so what did I expect.
Tomorrow with any luck I will be able to go to Adelaide to visit my mother and startle all the inhabitants with my grotty stitches and blood under tape.
I have done some other stuff, the sort I put in Back Valley Seasons (in the links).


Hashi said...

Very nice plant. I'm sorry to hear about the foals. I hope your nose recovers quickly.

Julie Oakley said...

Penny, I'm so sorry to hear about your op. It must be miserable for you waiting for it to heal and the pain to go.