Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dead tree

Adelaide today. It was longer and more tiring than I meant it to be but I saw my mother who was looking very well and took her out for a drive. she was very tired by the time I got her back and we were away for only a short time.
I went to see a friend who in her inimitable way got me out for lunch by a park, one I hadnt seen before and we walked then drove up to see another, more walks but I new I had things to do when I got home and I was getting tired. This tree was in one of the parks.
Nearly killed on the way home when a piece of iron fell off a truck and headed straight at me, luckily I managed to miss it but it was a bit shake making.


Anonymous said...

What an interest tree shape! So glad you made it home OK. That must have really been scary.

lyn said...

Hi Penny,
Got here from Nina Johannsons blog. Nice tree, I like the waterlandscape also. I'm a new blogger and think its great that we communicate all over the world! I'm from Southern Calif.
Fun to see your work.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Twisted trees make interesting drawings. Good one.
Oh dear, you had a near-accident which must have been awful. Only a few seconds and something bad can happen. I'm more fearful these days, yet I try to shake off the 'what if' anxieties.