Saturday, September 08, 2007

House on the River at Frankston

This looks very faint so I hope it comes up better. I may add some colour later but I am still in black and white mode at the moment.
Probably not all that well done as I was watching the football in a hard fought match in the elimination finals and my team lost by 2 points I cant believe it but thats football.
I loved the look of this house by the river down by Frankston and took a photo the reflections were lovely. I think it would be lovely to live somewhere like this.
Another hot day here, for early September this is ridiculous although John tells me that if we can just get some rain out of what is forecast the feed is growing well and will do even better.
We had another foal on Friday morning, a nice upstanding colt.
Oh and at Wendy's 50th last night my tiara was equal first. We had a fun night and were pretty slow this morning.

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Keith said...

This looks nice to me. I'm always impressed with your compositions.

This is the first time, that I read "hot"... last time it was freezing! Are you sure this wasn't due to the 50th birthday party?

I am sure I am off, but is this the third colt? In any case, congratulations.