Monday, October 26, 2009

Eltville and Mainz

I have been looking at photos and scanning sketches and now I feel totally cross eyed!
Poor John has had to get on with so much paper work and he is complaining that everytime he looks at a computer it hates him and something goes wrong!
Here it is cold and windy, but the garden looks fabulous, all the roses are flowering and there is colour every where, unfortunately there are also huge numbers of weeds.
These sketches were again done in Germany, the first is another barge but with a river setting, bother bother, this the same one as last night and I have forgotten how to delete it.Oh well you will just have to see it again.
the next one is of the bits and pieces I saw on top of the Dom in Mainz, I love all these added little bits, every tower top was different.
The window was done while we were listening to a free concert in the church of St Stephan which has Marc Chagall windows in it, we went in there to see them and stayed to hear the oldest cello in the world being played by a husband and wife, well I think the cello was played by the husband but as the stuff I have is all in German I may be wrong. The players were Julius and Hyun - Jung Berger.
really lovely.
The last sketch I did is of the Dom in Mainz which I did sitting outside the Gutenberg Museum while waiting for the others.
Gutenburg spent some time in Eltville and we saw the house he lived in, John had just read a book about him called the Justification of Johann Gutenberg by Blake Morrison. He was of course the inventor of the first printing press and we saw a couple of them and also in this wonderful museum a copy of the Gutenberg bible.
The area devoted to binding books was incredible.
This day in Mainz was my actual birthday and we went out to a late lunch at a wonderful Moroccan restraunt and ate our way through the menu and felt over filled after wards!
We walked and walked and although we were only there from the 30th of September and left on the 5th of October it was wonderful, relaxing with friends, walking, wandering through gardens and seeing a few new things including the little red squirrel who was most insistent on leaving his stash of nuts in Virginia's pots.


ArtPropelled said...

You paint clear pictures in my mind, Penny. How wonderful to see the Chagall windows.

PAMO said...

Love, love, love your sketches! And am so glad you are taking the time to share them. Your trip sounds absolutely inspired.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I don't know why it should be Penny - but somehow your sketches tell more about a place than a photograph would. You seem to capture the essence.

Robyn said...

Lovely interpretation of the spires and windows, Penny. It's impressive that you managed to sketch so much on the move.

Very envious of your visit to the Chagall windows and the Gutenberg Museum. You'd never have dragged me away from the book binding area.

Also envious of roses blooming in SA - and standing on the doorstep of summer.

prashant said...

love your sketches! And am so glad you are taking the time to share them. Your trip sounds absolutely inspired. Work From Home