Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paris again

It has been terribly hot here today, over 32C and my garden is wilting. I need to get at the hoses which are not ready and we had a leaking pipe that meant all water was turned off.
I have had a bit of a tidy up outside as well and got very hot and horrid. I think this weather is supposed to go on for a few days. The joys of summer.
These two sketches were done while again sitting after a long days walking over to the Jardin du Plantes and a lot of other walking and a much needed coffee was consumed.
I sketched and wondered about who lived in the apartment with the open window and the curtain blowing in the breeze over the very busy Rue St Antoine. I then turned my attention to the building a bit further down the road.
What bliss, I wish we were back there, I really dont much like the heat and there is so much to do around the place.


annie said...

Ah, Penny...Those steep roofs and chimney pots...those casement windows...those balconies with the iron railings...what can be more Paris? I know you must long to be back.

Anonymous said...

Never been to Paris- but I get a feel from your sketches. We are headed into cooler weather here in the southeast U.S.... I miss summer. Hope you get your water leak repaired soon.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a lovely remembrance your drawings will be - as well as the photographs! Our computer is alive again so I can read and write at leisure instead of ten minute visits to the church office computer! It is hot and sultry today but the guys are playing golf anyway.