Saturday, October 31, 2009

The last of Europe

Another foal this morning, the girls had one of their major hack shows and our ponies did extremely well so that was a bonus, perhaps we can sell some for hugely inflated prices.
Any way although this little mare was a maiden she did all the right things and had a filly and it was up and drinking when I saw it so a huge sigh of relief.
I think I have finally sorted out almost all of the photos from the trip it has been a major task, especially as a lot of them are for me to use in my textile and other 'stuff'!
So here are the last three Europe sketches, one from the train as we headed on eurostar for London and the other two where we had our last lunch in Paris, sitting on the pavement watching the world go by and a bycycle that was chained to a tree so was going no where. This area was near a university so lots of students and lecturers.
John went fishing today, the cat is happy with what he caught but we will have a pretty meager meal.
No haiku tonight, I am too tired.


BT said...

More super sketches Penny. You certainly had a busy busy time on your holiday, I'm so glad and sorry the weather wasn't better for you.

annie said...

Congrats on your foals, Penny. Great moments when a birth goes well. When we'd check our new calves, and they were up nursing--well, those were moments to live forever.

And I am loving the sketches as always.