Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sketches from Eltville, Germany

I am gradually getting over the jet lag, and thank you so much to all those who have welcomed me back.
I will gradually get around to replying to you all, and to Pat who I tried hard to see but ran out of time, I am sorry, everything from phones to time conspired against us!
I did these sketches just after we arrived to stay with our friends, the barges went past all the time, and I found them fascinating, I hope one day to find the time to convert them into more than sketches, I really had a struggle to find time to sketch at all and some are pretty rough and ready.
We arrived in the Rhineland early on day one of our trip after a reasonable flight and we walked along the tow path and then made it back to bed and slept through dinner. I drew Virginia's plants on her balcony, the pencils didnt translate very well, I was fascinated in her blush pink, almost apricot datura, most of these plants have to be covered for the winter or brought inside, how different to here.
The last sketch I did while having a very decadent cake in Limburg from out of the window of a two story cafe. This area has the half timbered houses and a fascinating Cathedral, all half timbered and perched on a hill, it is not terribly old but was very interesting to see.
We have had 6 foals, 3 colts and 3 fillies since I have been away.
I am still struggling a bit but the washing is done, the animals are fed and fin ally we have managed to get some photos up so if you want to see what we did look here.


ArtPropelled said...

Great to see your sketches up again. Lovely photographs on the other blog, Penny. Such a pretty balcony garden and I enjoyed the sculpture. Wonderful to come back to 6 new foals! Glad you are getting over the jet lag.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love these little impromptu sketches Penny - they really capture the essence of the place.

Candy said...

Cool sketches. I checked out the photos on your other blog - how pretty! I'm looking forward to your other photos. I'm also looking forward to seeing photos or sketches of your new babies.