Friday, October 30, 2009

in the place des Vosges

Are you getting sick of Paris? I am afraid there is not much after Paris so make the most of it.
I have spent a very tiring day with first of all two mares foaling and no Sarah to help as they were at a show.
I had to sit and wait for ever before the foals would drink as I coudnt catch either of the mares, and stupidly I had walked down and it was stinking hot. It has cooled a bit now thank goodness.
I didnt get in to shop, I forgot a heap of things I should have done but I do now have a curtain up in the sitting room as John put some new alsinite (clear plastic stuff) in the verandah roof and now the sun shines in just at about 5 pm when I want to sit in my chair and it was terribly hot and I couldnt see. I just hope it works. I really dont like curtains as we dont need them here and I cant see out but these are net ones so not too bad.
The place des Vosges is a lovely park with lots of seats and supposedly the best proportioned square in the world, not sure about that but it was a lovely place to sit.
tonights Haiku is byBasho.
A crow clings silently
to a bare bough,
watching the sunset.

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BT said...

You are so busy with all your mares and foals, I should worry terribly in case something went wrong! More smashing sketches, I love the ones you do of 'little bits'.