Monday, October 04, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

Well after an awful lot of stuffing around finally i can put up some photos.
So what have I been doing? Not a lot and here is a doodle that I did while waiting for my plane to leave, 40 minutes late so not too bad.
I had a lovely time in Melbourne, but very few sketches, I really didnt have time as it was such a rushed visit.
The weather was lovely and the stuff people did at the Geelong Forum was fantastic. I was so glad I managed to see it all.
Thank you to every one who wished me Happy Birthday, and to those who dont know, once you have used up your free space on blogger, in my case 1000 photos, you then pay and the rate varies, I just paid $5 for 20 gb for a year, I will see how soon it runs out.
Paying for it was easy, getting my account to recognise it was not but now I know what to do I hope I remember in 12 months time!
I will draw the Give away before I go to bed tonight.
Off to have a seafood salad and champagne for lunch in the sun in the garden, I wont look at the weeds!


Wanda..... said...

Wishing you a ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ on this blog too Penny!

jackie said...

Happy Birthday Penny. I am pleased you liked the 'pin'. I never knew you had to pay for Blogger, although I do now pay an annual feel for Flickr. Still we have a lot of fun with it don't we.

PamelaB said...

Happy Birthday Penny.