Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some times you have to play

and just go with the flow and see where it will lead you.
This is what I ended up with, it was fun and took only a few minutes, I may put a wash of colour over it at some time but at the moment it pleases me.
Internet woes,busy nights and days and I have not posted for a few days.
To day it is overcast, cold and drizzly and heaven knows when the towels I put on the line will ever dry.
We had a lovely morning walk, I went down to inspect the new foal and am about to vacuum, Oscar is losing a huge amount of hair and it is every where, again! He is such a big cat and even though he doesnt have a fluffy coat there seems to be ginger hairs on everything.
We went to dinner with friends last night and had a few adventures getting there, these are mostly dirt roads, and back ones at that, and we did manage to dodge all the livestock but there were kangaroos, cattle and for a first two fallow dear shot across in front of us. I know there are a lot of escaped deer around but so far I have never seen one. I believe further down the peninsular there are big ones, wouldnt want to put one of those across the car.
I am slowly getting a few things done and sorted out but I have no doubt that I will be in an awful muddle again in a few days. I feel there is no point in clearing out my work room for guests until just before they come, as I will no doubt want what I have cleared away to the bottom of the pile.
John keeps telling me we need a clearing sale.
This is a snippet of a poem written by a neighbour, Roger McKnight.
Simple pleasures simply come,
and this is one -
blossom snowing from a plum
tree, in the sun!

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