Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Note book page

By now I think those who follow this blog will know that when i am tired I retreat back to simple and fun sketching, houses, gardens flowers. I love simple houses and I love flowers, simple ones I dont have to think too much about but make me smile.
So here is my offering.
I have had a messy and stressful few days and today was not much better, it now looks as if it will be wet for Saturday when we are scattering my mothers ashes and the family are all coming. So I am having to think up a few new scenarios, like lunch here and can I fit them all in. Should I clean out the garage? There will be small children etc etc. I dont think I want to know about it.
On top of that I have been told that I have to feed the ponies for a week early in December while those who normally feed will be at a very National Show a few States away. I dont know how with my knee I can do it. Some how I will have to work out something.
So my childish sketch pleases me and I have had one red wine too many and am heading off to bed.
Night all.
I know in the end it will all work out.


kat said...

give yourself a long hot bath, rub some pain killing stuff into the knee twice a day and remember there's a you in the middle of it all who has lost her Mum! I lost mine this year after caring for her for four years and understand entirely.

I Love your happy house sketch, I can see that translated straight into textile

Julie said...

I love your sketch too Penny, it looks very happy. Do take care of yourself while you have so much going on. Leave the garage, just lock it if you can and put it out of bounds. I hope they're wrong about the weather forecast. xx

annie said...

I hope they're wrong about the weather forecast, too, as Julie says. And I like Kat's suggestion-- a long hot bath, and "remember there's a you in the middle of it
who has lost her Mum." I think it's wonderful that you can get refreshment out of your sketches.


Wanda..... said...

Hope the next few days are less stressful, Penny. Take care!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
Too much on your plate. Give jobs to the rest of the family. Bubble baths for the kids. Easy food. Lock up your craft room from the kids as they'll get into everything.
It's an important rite of passage scattering the remains so make it a good occasion.
Meanwhile I go to a dietician at 5 p.m. I know the answers but - how to do it all right!

Trace said...

Relax and don't clean out the garage. Just be yourself and try to enjoy what you can of the day.