Saturday, January 29, 2011


I hope this ends in the correct blog, I wasnt thinking and originally it went in the wrong one. This is another small sketch I did a week ago.
My computer has been misbehaving and John finally got to it and did a few re installs and it seems to be a bit better, although our IT man says it sounds like a computer on the way out. I hope not for a while as we have just had to buy a new washing machine and a new computer as well maybe a bit too much for the bank balance to cope with at the moment.
We are in for a very hot spell of weather over the next few days, actually I think the next week. I am not looking forward to it and nor is my garden.
I have been sewing not sketching, very naughty of me, but there it is, my painting room gets pretty hot so sewing I can do where it is cooler.
John has just rung to tell me he has fish so maybe that will be what we have for dinner, I had been thinking of a frittata as I have plenty of eggs and I bought some lovely fresh vegetables at the market this morning.
Oscar will be pleased, although he has been telling me he is hungry, but there is some fish for the cat I was told so that should keep him happy.
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Robin Mac said...

Don't blame you for sewing in the cool rather than painting in the heat! I hope your computer is not on the way out - we will miss you if you are off the air for a while. Perhaps the heat won't last as long as you think. Cheers

Sally Westcott said...

Hi Penny,

I love the boat! Clever girl!

I do hope your computer is having a small hissy fit only and will get over it soon!


annie said...

That boat is great, Penny. And good luck with the computer.