Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Virginia

I did try to do horses, but I am not sure they worked very well but it was fun trying, I dont think some of the hind legs are too good, had to find a photo to finally get something like they should look.
Cold and damp here today, I am sure winter is coming, all my joints tell me so and I am thinking of at least finding a heater, not quite ready for the fire!
Nothing seems to be going to plan, although I do have a casserole on, so much for my week of getting things done, I seem to have done nothing but ferry cars around today.
Millie and her Mum and Celina will be out for dinner tonight, and then John suddenly remembers a meeting, well he will have to eat when he comes home.
Saw Sarah's new Cairn terrier pup, she is gorgeous.
Off to find the wet weather gear and feed the chooks and dogs.
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Wanda..... said...

The horses have the look of running free!

virginia said...

Just what I need: to run free! Anyway, it seems to have helped because my physiotherapist said yesterday that I'm walking much better.

I love the horses manes! Thanks Pen.



Julie said...

Love your horses! They look like sumi paintings to me. What is this style called??? Ink or watercolor?

shirley said...

I just love your horses hey look like free spirits.

ArtPropelled said...

Penny I love your new style. These horses say so much more than you think.