Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Sometimes when I am feeling tired i sit in my big chair and sketch, this was a very sketchy rooster that I had fun with and then added some colour.
I think I do better with this type of thing than trying too hard at painting.
I threw up for most of the early hours of Tuesday morning and felt very off all day yesterday, thank goodness today I was better, I presume some 24 hour thing but I missed my painting lesson and a beading class which was really annoying.
I am eating very carefully at the moment but alas, alack I dont seem to have lost any weight!
We did have a lovely but rather brief walk this morning, John had a specialist appointment, not much to be done it may be the blood pressure pills he is on or an allergy, or a slight infection that he is coughing and hawking all around the place.
At least it was nothing worse.
There are a family of crows making a racket outside the bedroom door, they have for some reason decided this year that as the parrots are not eating the fruit in the fruit trees that they will, really annoying but then I did bring back and rear the first baby crow many years ago, out of its nest too young in a gale, and the family has returned with all their babies ever since. When we had outside cats they used to come and eat the cat food, now I dont have outside cats they still come but this year it is the fruit, and I did think we might manage to get ripe stuff from the orchard this year, sigh!
Off to get some ironing done.
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Wanda..... said...

Roosters are a favorite of mine, love your sketch. Hope you both are feeling much better today!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the rooster Penny - I do like your spontaneity.

annie said...

Oh, Penny, what a special, very individual rooster. I agree with you,
this kind of drawing is so spontaneous. And it sounds as if it is a lot of fun, too, and less stressful than you find some work when you strive too hard.

He has given me such a happy uplift. He

carole brungar said...

your rooster is totally adorable!
hope you are feeling better?

Anne said...

wow! love your rooster!!

Clare Wassermann said...

that is a wonderful sketch. He has rhythm and movement.