Monday, March 21, 2011

Odds and ends

My two ghostly figures are waiting to be clothed, they have been painted and now I am trying to find the right material for them, they are a part of an on going series I have been making over time but somehow the photo I took made them look really weird.
Cold and damp and very low light today, so after a walk, and trying not to eat, I am trying to lose some of this extra weight I am carrying, I had another play with markers and paint, Still trying to make birds work, Alisa Burke on her blog was doing a much better one than this but he was fun and I am still trying to remember which markers run and which dont.
I really am finding this bright journalling great fun to do, so quick and easy.
I know Virginia I am supposed to paint horsews who look like strung hackneys for you to practice walking, I will one day!
Hope you have had a brighter day than mine, I hate having to turn on the lights in the house, where did summer go? I loved the cooler weather but rugging up in mid March is a bit of a worry about what the future weather holds for is going into autumn and winter.
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Jen Crossley said...

These are awesome Penny.

Aussie Jo said...

I love your aliens!!!

Robin Mac said...

Love your figures and your bird. Rugging up sounds better to me than the horrible humidity and 31 degree temps we are having. Cheers

Karin Bartimole said...

This is a fun collection Penny! Looking forward to seeing how you choose to attire your figures! The bird is colorful and joyful - well done!!
As your light diminishes, our is beginning to linger longer - though today we are getting a nasty sleet and rain muck of a day. Happy spring/autumn...! xoxo

virginia said...

We've got fabulous weather here - -1° this morning when Gerd went for an early walk, but 22° on the balcony when we had lunch. Not bad. All the daffodils are out, crocusses, tulips and roses are shooting. The forsythia is out and so is a lot of blossom. It was a hard winter again this year, but thank God the spring is here at last. I'm walking a lot better and try to think that I'm a circus horse or one of those Spanish or Viennese ones! How are you going to dress your aliens? I am so unartistic compared to you. I feel ashamed! V

annie said...

I do love these little guys...well, how little are they, actually, Penny? Looking forward to seeing how your clothe them.

Julie said...

Is this a little quail in bottom picture??? So sweet! The aliens are cool...great colors!!! You are always up to something fun...what is your secret??? I need more time in a day!!!